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You're Here for it, We're here for it...We're all here for it!

Updated: May 30, 2018


We are beyond excited that you are here! We may or may not be a little short of breath due to all the crazy exciting, fun, but scary feels pumping through us right now! It reminds me of the feeling you get right before you're about to run a fitness test or give an important presentation in front of very prominent people. All the sweat and those knots in the stomach type of thing.....yet it feels so right! Today is the day we launch TAGalong Fit, a project we created (and will continue to evolve) to be a safe community that empowers strong women, like yourself, to cultivate healthy habits that make you feel beautiful inside and out! We will share workouts you can do anywhere....because life is busy, recipes that are easy and make you feel good, self-care practices that allow you to vibrate higher, and so many more tips and tricks! We will be posting here on the blog weekly and we will be active on our social media pages daily! TAGalong with us on Instagram @tagalongfit and our Facebook page TAG Fitness.

This whole process has challenged us, tested us, and demanded us to grow in order to fulfill our dream of creating this community. Working up the courage to leave our comfort zone was no easy task! There does come a day though, where you have to get real with yourself and ask "What are you waiting for?" It does not have to be perfect, but it does have to get done. And done is always better than perfect.

So, this is our pledge....to be authentic with you, to be courageous with you, to be inspiring and inspired by you, and ultimately to serve you! To kickoff this party off with you we wanted to share a few of our favorite workout exercises of all time! We both chose three! So, if you see kick throughs or commandos in a circuit we share in the future...you can bet Tessa took the lead on that one!

Tessa's Favs:

Commandos- I'm not a huge fan of arm day, but this one works everything I need in one move (also referred to as plank ups and many more names) Start in plank position and push up one hand at a time to high plank position and repeat

Single leg step ups to single leg dead lifts- I'm all about targeting those legs so this is one of my favorites! Step up and when you come back down, kick back into a single leg deadlift

Kick throughs- One thing you will learn about me is that I LOVE animal movements. For this exercise start in table top position and kick your right leg through to the opposite side twisting your body and kicking your leg through in a straightened position.

Gayla's Favs:

8 Count Burpees: A regular burpees with a jack and a push up at the bottom. I love this combo because it gets your heart rate up and you feel it everywhere.

Stiff Legged Deadlifts: I love the deep stretch you get in your hamstrings with this one!

Push Ups: One of my all time favorites because I used to be awful at them and now I can bang out 20 without stopping! I feel so strong and love the burn in my shoulders.

Thank you for being one of the first of our friends to stop by! We are just getting started and have so much magic in store for you. We figured everyone could use a midweek pick-me-up..so look for a new TAGalong blog posts right here every hump day! Comment below with your favorite exercise...we would love to know your go-to moves too!!


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