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Where are you headed?!

There a lessons that can be learned in the classroom, then there are lessons that must be learned outside of those four walls. Traveling is an experience that can teach you so much that one would not be able to grasp in a classroom setting or any setting that is part of your comfort zone for that matter. The sounds, smells, culture, people, places, and things you encounter while traveling expose you to lots of unfamiliar life. Think “ Wow, I had no idea I had no idea!” type of moments. So much to see, so much learn. I realized how different we are all are, but the same. We want love, we want connection. It is all the same, it just may show up differently around the world. In retrospect, traveling every chance I get has changed my life and more specifically my mind.

So you, yes you, are very important to us and we want to share why we are so passionate about the experience of travel.



That comfy cushy you bubble you live in, it’s time to step out of there and live a little. Traveling is a joyful time, however anytime you’re in a foreign place there will be uncomfortable moments that feel weird. For example, taking the train into Venice by myself…(I don’t speak a lick of Italian) getting lost in town and having to ask a local, who only speaks Italian, for directions. Talk about a humbling experience?! Did I want to cry? Yes, for sure at first. Was I anxious? For a second, 6 deep breaths later I was ready to stumble through our Italian convo with my new friend! That feeling is growth. And I promise you, your future self will thank you for it.


Traveling is a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Yes, I have made a conscious effort to be less busy and more efficient in my day to day and as a result I have a lot more time for play on the reg! However, being completely away…out of your routine and rouge for a while can really give your body and mind the reset it needs. My type A sisters, this isn’t always fun for you at first, but embrace the unknown, you may be surprised how adventurous you truly are!


Most of us know that in different parts of the world, people do life differently. Everything from business to religion to etiquette….it depends on where you are in the world. I used to love a venti caramel macchiato from Starbucks back in my hay day. In Italy, the only time to have a coffee the size of a grande cappuccino is for breakfast. Other than that you will only find people enjoying mini cups of espresso (delish btw).

But let’s go deeper. You learn about their culture and how they operate. You pick up little pieces of it and incorporate it into your life when you get back home. Whether it is a recipe or ritual, you are growing. All while paying it forward by sharing the beauty of the world with the rest of us.


· for the people you are meeting along the way

· for what you are returning home to

· for learning more about yourself

· for the beauty all around you

· for the memories you’re creating

The list of lessons goes on! Life is broken up into seasons and as we transition into Fall I want you to think about what you want this season to look like for you. How will incorporating some travel help you continue to grow into the best version of yourself?

Again, where are you headed?! Can we TAG along??!



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