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What being a high level athlete taught us

Pretty much since we could walk, we always had a ball at our feet. We both started with sports from a very young age and soccer was one of the first things we tried. G and I both played many different sports growing up and through our middle school and high school years. We even played softball together for a majority of our childhood. Shoutout to Cindy G! What’s the number one rule?! (have fun!) A lot of times when people think of or talk about sports, you think of the physical traits and how they can help you in that aspect. Yes, of course physically they helped us, and always kept us running and burning energy, but mentally, it also challenged us while allowing us to grow so much at the same time.

Sports can be a tricky thing sometimes. They can be very competitive and you can end up putting a lot of pressure on yourself. We definitely were guilty of this more times than we can count throughout our careers. Sports can cause conflict, they can bring you down, they can make you feel like you aren’t good enough, and they can push you to your very limits in so many ways you never thought possible. It is not easy being an athlete and it definitely was not easy balancing school work on top of that. As much as we hated running countless sprints at the time, we now look for new ways to push ourselves to our limits. That type of lay on the ground can’t move feeling after we have pushed our bodies to their limits. There is just something about being a high level athlete that instills this mentality in you. We crave that competition and nowadays that competition can come within ourselves and seeing if we can do something better one day than we did the previous day.

As tough as it was at times, we are so thankful for the endless lessons that sports taught us. Now, that we are done being high level athletes, we have carried over so many of those lessons into our everyday lives. We like to approach most things in life with this never give up, we can achieve anything mentality. Most workouts we do now, we just think “well I survived 20 120’s what could be worse than that??” Not only in workouts, but just life in general, we can use this mentality. Whenever something seems tough, just think of how far you’ve come already. The greatest thing now is just always leaning on each other for support and knowing we always have a teammate whenever we need it! Rely on your family and best friends to be your teammates and get you through tough times no matter what it is.

I was reading an article the other day and I came across this quote…

“By playing sport, we fall back in love with what our bodies are capable of, what they can do, rather than what they look like. And in an image obsessed society, that’s a welcome relief.”

I love this quote because the truth is our bodies are capable of AMAZINGLY INSANE things! We should be doing our best to celebrate all our bodies allow us to do.

respect, persistence, connection, hardwork, dedication

Just some of the words I think of first when I think of what being an athlete truly gave me. Respect for those who came before me and paved the way for me. Persistence in going after what you want and never giving up until you achieve that. Connection in the people you meet along for journey and become lifelong friends. (Gbabe and Tbabe) Handwork in that you never give anything less than your best. Even on the days when you are drained and have nothing left, you give a little more. Dedication in that you dedicate so much of your life to something and give up normal everyday things other people may have been doing as kids “all for the love of something.”


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