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Truth Bombs!

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Have you ever felt absolutely compelled to do something? Where whatever you were being called to do was all you could think about?

TAG along fit is that thing for us. Not a day goes by where we do not think about this platform and the tribe we are forming.

BUT. With that also comes a little bit of imposture syndrome. (Imposture syndrome: is a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud") In other words, that feeling of “who do we think we are?” “Who would want to collaborate with the newbies?” “ Will anyone even read this?” I, G babes here, needed something to silence the doubts in my head to keep pushing forward and creating.

We met 5 minutes before this! <3

So, I started researching conferences and events where I could connect with women entrepreneurs and hopefully make a few friends that shared a similar dream/drive to create a business of their own. There were so many intriguing conferences for bloggers and influencers out there (listed below!) but, the one that caught most of my attention was Create & Cultivate Chicago.

1. It was close quick 5-hour train ride.

2. It was pretty! The branding and set ups from their past events were stunning and looked like a place I wanted to be.

3. The price was right.

4. The panels and keynote speaker lineup was lit and included several influencers I follow daily on the gram.

The weekend was filled with beautiful and boss women sharing their stories, incredibly instagrammable pop-ups everywhere you turned, and too many truth bombs to count! It took everything in me to get in that Uber Friday night to go meet hundreds of strangers for a happy hour. As soon as I walked in that door and saw several other women there, alone, with the same vulnerable/I’m nervous/excited look on their faces, I knew I was in the right place. We shared stories and our businesses with each other. We laughed and sipped fabulous cocktails for hours talking about life.

And when I saw them Saturday morning we greeted each other like we had been friends for years! So pumped to learn and celebrate with each other. The energy was everything.

Obviously, I recommend everyone experience this themselves, however I did want to share some of my favorite takeaways with you. Check out the list below of wisdom nuggets guest speakers and attendees shared over the weekend. Unfortunately, I don’t recall who all said what, but trust these gems come from legit women who are ready to get real and have taken a permanent seat at the table!

· “You make the path as you’re walking. What’s the smallest thing you can do today to get where you’re going?” –Maxie McCoy author of You’re Not Lost

· “Do not play small for anyone.”

· “If you can’t see it, you can’t be it.”

· “Collaboration can not only broaden your audience, but also change your brand vision and creativity.”

· “People follow people. They like to see the person behind the brand.”

· “People need to learn how to rest, rather than to learn how to quit.”

· “Your reputation is your resume.” –Jaclyn Johnson

· “Behind every great woman, are great women.”- Jaclyn Johnson


Jaclyn Johnson, founder of Create & Cultivate and author of WorkParty, mentions in her book “Competition is in the fabric of our society, and there’s a subtext that is hard to avoid: Everyone is your competition.—I’ve come to champion the idea of collaboration over competition, and I firmly believe that women helping women is critical to this notion of collaboration.”

I can honestly say I walked out of that conference not only with more encouragement, inspiration, empowerment, and honest connections then I could have ever imagined, but also with a complete mind shift of realizing that this does exist. There are people out there that will help you and inspire you along your journey. They are your TRIBE. You just have to find them:)

With love and light,

G babe

Upcoming conferences where you can find your tribe:

· Create & Cultivate Miami Vision Summit- December 8th, 2018 (TAG along will be in attendance)

· https://www.createcultivate.com/miami-vision-summit/#location


· Lori Harder Bliss Project: New Port beach, CA March 2019

· https://www.loriharder.com/events/bliss-project/


· Here is a full list of blogger conferences for the rest of the year…the ones above are just the ones that stuck out to me

· https://www.inspiredbloggersuniversity.com/ultimate-list-blogging-conferences/

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