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The happiest place on earth! (well, for Foodies like us)

So, for us, nothing makes us happier than aimlessly roaming the aisles of Whole foods checking every ingredient and searching for our favorite goods. We’re pretty much suckers for all of the newest healthy food brands. We thought we would take you guys with us and give you a little virtual tour of what a trip to whole foods is like for us!

Aside from Whole Foods we also love going to Publix, Trader Joe’s, and ordering online through Thrive Market. Below we have made a couple lists for you of items we like to get at each of these grocery stops!

Whole Foods favorites:

  • Fresh veggies

  • Perfect bars

  • Primal Kitchens dressings

  • Siete chips

  • Simple mills

Publix Favorites:

  • Tsamma watermelon juice

  • Primal Kitchens dressing and avocado mayo

  • safe catch tuna cans

  • Perfect Bars

  • La croix

Trader Joe’s- a great place to stock up for a cheaper price

  • perfect bars available here as well

  • great place to stock up on all organic veggies!

  • Olive oils and cooking oils can be much cheaper here too!

  • RX bars

  • spices

  • (anything else?)

Thrive Market- a great online market with all healthy eats at discounted prices!

  • Ghee

  • Paleo nut mix

  • Simple mills pancake mix

  • Paleonola grain free granola

  • HU chocolate (the darker the better)

  • bone broth

  • honestly the list is endless here! and nothing makes me happier than opening this package!

pictured: macadamia milk, bone broth, coconut tumeric wraps, sir kensington dressings, paleonola, ghee, simple mills pizza dough, thrive market dark chocolate

We hope this was helpful to you and you have a better idea of what we get to stock up our fridges for the week ahead. For us, a lot of times we will even go to the grocery store a couple of times a week. It can take some getting use to, but when you eat all super fresh ingredients this is the only way to avoid letting foods go to waste. There are so many options and luckily nowadays they are making it way easier for us to eat healthy, yummy foods!

Happy shopping!


-T & G

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