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Food is medicine

As you all have probably learned so far, a huge passion of ours is nutrition. It definitely has not always been this way, and we didn’t really grow up in households that emphasized this, I think it’s safe to say we never had to worry about going hungry in our families an thankfully we always had plenty of food to keep our bodies full, but it really wasn’t in the norm where we came from to be cognizant of the types of foods we were putting in our bodies. We were both very active growing up and played multiple sports so we were always on the go. Fast food was definitely our go to and we are not kidding when we say we would usually get two value meals from Mcdonald's and crush them both. For me personally, (Tessa) I didn’t really start taking notice of what I was putting into my body until I lived overseas and I had my first knee surgery. I think I just finally started to realize how they view food so differently in Europe, and how the food is just completely different than it is in the US. G babe started to become mindful after she competed in her second fitness competition. She was on an extremely strict diet to reach her stage goal and it was fascinating to watch her boy transform in just eight short weeks. Once it was time to ease back into normal life where she wasn't prepping, she realized her relationship with food had changed. She started researching all of the time and was realizing a lot of the foods she thought would make her feel good were filled with ingredients she had never even heard of. Limiting herself to buying foods with seven ingredients or less was the perfect place for her to start her journey!

Nowadays, many people ask us “what do you do to workout to look that fit?” We are not saying this to toot our own horns, but more so because we want everyone to realize that it’s more about what we are putting into our bodies than what type of workouts we are doing. YES, working out is a VERY VERY important factor in maintaining overall health and we believe it’s essential too, but all we are saying is, you should look at what you are putting into your body first. We eat well to feel good, not to look good. Trust us when we say, it is so much easier to workout and put your max effort forward when your body is filled with amazing, real, whole foods. You will feel like you have so much more energy and will feel even more accomplished once you finish your workout. At the end of the day, no matter what eating philosophy or “diet” you ascribe to, we can all agree that real, whole foods from the ground are always a must eat. As Tessa’s favorite Doctor (I’m sure you can all guess who we are talking about) says, “If nature made it, eat it, if man made it, leave it.” -Doctor Mark Hyman

Like we mentioned before, it hasn’t always been super easy for us and don’t be fooled, we still like to indulge from time to time, but it’s all about balance and listening to what your body truly needs and wants. Some days, our bodies are craving greens, greens, greens and some days we want a huge burger (We still rarely will ever eat the bun and try out best to make sure its grass fed) or a donut. We will definitely eat outside of our normal ways if we are feeling it and we won’t beat ourselves up about it, but we know we will most likely pay for it the next couple of days if we do decide to go too far off from our everyday eating lifestyle. Sometimes to us, it just isn’t worth feeling like crap and honestly we just don’t feel like eating outside of our normal regimen even if everyone around us is. It takes time! It takes a lot of time to get to where you want to be. This process doesn’t happen overnight and you have to be patient with yourself an have some grace. In our experience, we noticed that we almost always went through stages. When I (Tessa) first got super interested in nutrition and healthy eating I started by eliminating bread, soda, and sugars here and there. Slowly but surely, this led to me rarely ever wanting these things or craving them anymore. Once my body got more use to that, I moved on to trying to limit my gluten and dairy intake. Then, I started really reading labels of what I was buying. With that being said, it’s obviously best if you are buying foods that don’t even have a label anyways.

The best thing that we can say is that every body is completely different. What works for Gaylas body, may not work for my body. Also, just because a food is healthy, it doesn’t mean it works well with your body. I know for me (Tessa) I have to watch out for broccoli, kale, and cauliflower because they make me feel bloated and gassy. For G, she has to be careful eating too many brussels or too much broccoli. These are obviously still super amazing and nutrition packed foods, but they just don't always work well with OUR bodies. I think it's best to say we live an 80/20 lifestyle. When we say we limit these things, it doesn't mean we are never eating them, it just means a majority of the time this is what works best for us. The only way to know is by trying different things if you are serious about making a change in your health. FOOD IS MEDICINE and has soooo many healing properties we have no idea even exist. Eating the right foods and the right quality can be so beneficial to our health and improve our day to day lives.

Here are some tips we like to follow that make living a healthy life easier for us:

1.) Stick to the outsides of the grocery store. This is where all the real, whole foods are.

2.) We generally will automatically put something down if it has around 7 (this number is even a little high) or more ingredients. Obviously there are some exceptions (perfect bars) and it really just depends on what those ingredients are.

3.) If you do eat meat like us, the quality of it is SUPER important. “You are what the animal you are eating ate” - Doctor Mark Hyman Obviously not just for meat, but all foods, Try to shop organic when you can and watch out for health claims on foods. Most of the time, they don’t mean anything anyways.

4.) Try to stop eating at least 2 hours before bed. When we do this we always wake up feeling so much better and more energized.

5.) If you are serious about making a change, follow Dr. Mark Hyman on instagram, Facebook, get his books, whatever you have to do! Literally he our my food God!!!!

6.) Do your research and educate yourself on it all. My favorite podcast is the Broken Brain and a new fav is found my fitness. Find out what works best for YOUR body.

*We are not Doctors or RD’s, we just totally nerd out with this stuff and love sharing with you all! Please consult with your Doctor before making any major dietary changes. Our blog is totally opinion based and sharing from our own personal life expereicnes.

XO -T & G

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