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6 Couch exercises that will take your workout to the next level!

Let’s call it how it is, it can be very difficult to find the discipline to workout. Life is busy and going to a gym or workout studio sometimes just doesn't fit into the sched. We get it. So do an at-home workout they say. Still hard to muster up the courage to get moving? We get that too. We deal with the same struggle and have experimented with a few things to help make it more enjoyable. Of course there will still be sweat and hard work involved, but afterwards you will feel resourceful and accomplished!

So how can you use your couch, that comfy space you spend your time relaxing, probably watching the bachelorette, as a piece of equipment that will upgrade your workout?! Here's the scoop! Below we demonstrate exercises you can do by incorporating your couch, but not limited to that. We encourage you to do a quick scan of your home and think about what else could be "equipment" when you do not have actual weights or steps to use. It’s time to be creative and make this sweat sesh a little unorthodox. Give it a go and let us know how it is for you!


10 Walk out Plank to Pikes

20 Toe Taps

10 Spiderman Push-ups ( 5 each side)

20 Tricep Dips

20 Step Up/Single Leg Deadlift (10 each leg)

20 Mountain Climbers

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