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Calling all Long distance friendships!

How many of you have been part of a long distance friendship? Let’s just call it LDF for the duration of this post for the sanity of all of us. Well, let’s just say we’ve both been in a long distance relationship with our significant other and now we are learning to master the art of a LDF. Since we’ve been friends practically our whole lives it does make things a bit easier, but it still has its challenges. When we had the idea of starting this blog, we were a little unsure of how we would make content, brainstorm ideas, and create super amazing things for you all, while being thousands of miles apart! Luckily for us, we live in a time where FaceTime is second nature and you can hop on a plane and be exactly where you need to be in no time at all.

Since we’ve grown up together, we have a bond like no other. Not to mention we played soccer together all the way up until college and we know the type of commitment and amount of teamwork that takes. We have applied a lot of these lessons from our younger years into our young professional lives now. We always make sure that we are committed to helping each other and work as a team to help each other succeed. A question we ask each other often is “What do you need in this relationship to feel really good?” This helps us gauge where the other is at mentally and also requires a more specific answer on how we can help!

We wanted to share....

5 promises we swear by that will keep your LDF stronger than ever:

  1. Always make time for each other to talk about your personal lives. We all have those times where we just need to vent and let it out! Am I right?!

  2. Support each other’s dreams and goals. When one person does something great, praise that and lift them up. We rise by lifting others and all accomplishments should be celebrated. The feeling of celebrating alone is no fun. A win for one friend is a win for both! When your best friend is crushing her goals and you come from a genuine place, the supporting role will feel equally fulfilling! “Your goals are my goals.”

  3. Be a shoulder to lean on. Even if it is through the phone or a FaceTime call. Always allow a space where you can be open and vulnerable with each other and be there when they need you most. Sometimes it may just be a "Hi" or you may legit just be on Facetime doing things together, like laundry or cooking. But you’re together and that alone makes things feel a little lighter.

  4. Challenge each other- Make sure you can be honest and curious with each other. Always push your LDF to be the best version of herself and reach her full potential. Sometimes we just need that extra push! *A little secret for you all* That is why we decided to create this community together. We knew individually we are strong, but together we are unbreakable. We push each other past our fears and remind each other how much more we have to give!

  5. Visit each other when you can and make time specifically for each other. For us, we are from the same place. When we are back in St. Louis together, we always put time aside to workout, meet up for coffee, or just brainstorm and bounce ideas off of each other. Same goes for when we are both down in Miami….except the beach is usually involved:)

Alright, so we say all this to say… do not let a little distance stand between you and your LDF! The people that feel like home were not put in your life by accident. Anything is possible when two people are committed to something they deeply care about. Near and far, hold on to your tribe! We believe in you! Connection is what keep us going and what we crave in life. Commit to those special people and your friendship

will thrive!

We would love to hear about your LDF and where you both are around the country and globe! Comment below or email us with your story! Hearing about these special connections really lights us up!


T & G

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