Tessa and Gayla are best friends from the Midwest that are both former Division 1 athletes. Both have endless  knowledge about fitness, nutrition, and the art of balancing life’s chaotic but exciting schedule based off of their own personal experiences. The dynamic duo also found that encouraging and leaning on each other throughout the years has been so valuable. Now closer than ever, these two long time friends have reconnected on a deeper level to share their stories and inspire others to find their fit. 

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Hi, I'm Tessa!


Most days you can find me learning all about mom life, working out, cooking up healthy recipes in the kitchen, or just being outdoors. I am known for always being on the move, spending way too much time in Whole foods, and trying out new things. 


The things I am most passionate about in life are Family, Faith, wellness, and nutrition. I love sharing my knowledge of health and wellness through my own life experiences in an attempt to bring people together. After all, we are all on this journey together right?! It is my desire to be a strong influence for people of all ages who are looking to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle and especially for those mommas out there.

Currently, I am staying home with my daughter Capri & planning to start my Masters in the fall. Additionally, I  have dipped into the world of Fitness modeling with my new agency, Sports and Lifestyle Unlimited. 


I am lucky enough to have lived out my dream of being a professional soccer player all the while living in three different countries and exploring the world. Currently, I am living in Miami, Florida with my hubby who is my college sweetheart & my daughter, Capri. 


It is my hope to team up with my longtime friend to help you achieve individual self growth and make improvements in your own life while having a community of like minded individuals who you can lean on for support. 


Just in case that wasn’t enough, here are five fun facts about me

  • I’m obsessed with any types of pickled foods (namely sauerkraut and yes, I drink pickle juice!)

  • I’ve had three knee surgeries all on my right knee 

  • I am obsessed with taking baths

  •  I speak Swedish

  •  I am one of those weird left-handed people =) 

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Hi, I’m Gayla!


Most days you can find me ordering an almond milk latte, roaming around the grocery store looking at all the tasty possibilities, or working out at one of the fitness studios in the Ft. Lauderdale/ Miami area.

The things I am most passionate about are family, fitness and food. I love serving the world by bringing women together through healthy living. I work in the medical sales arena and I am lucky to have the opportunity to help people daily. I also have the desire to be an influencer of women who inspires them to cultivate healthy habits through fitness, nutrition, and self-care. As a former professional athlete and young business professional, I’ve been honored as captain of my soccer team and recognized as the #1 sales representative in the nation. I love to lead by serving others.

When I’m not busy working on my career or coaching, you can catch me making clean recipes, running 5k's with my pup Goose, or watching Home Alone for the 7000 time with my two nieces. And when I can getaway I am usually headed to Europe. My latest adventure was to Bordeaux, France.

If you’re dying to know more, here are five things you might not know about me:

  •  Most people refer to me as Geeg.

  • I am totally into all things seafood!  

  • I tore my ACL three times during my college soccer days.

  • I competed in two Figure bodybuilding competitions.

  • I sweat significantly more than most. In the summer time I can ring out my shorts!

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